Air Force Academy Graduation / May 2010

Air Force Academy Graduation / May 2010
37 pounds gone and maintaining- love this family photo!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I AM NOT DEAD- but ready to gear up again

I really think there is something about routine and being back at school that allows for better eating habits. I failed tha last attempt and gave up miserably- so I am trying agin- this time a 23 day round and the stress is under control and things are in full swing being back at school. We were in the middle of changing jobs, being offered jobs, and major life changes. Mr. Fleur resigned and left coaching after 17 years of it and 32 years of being around Baseball. My sister and I started out really strong and then she found out her husband was being transferred to another state and she wnt into full re- location mode with her and the kids and hubby- so her stress level and mine where crazy unsettling. We stood as strong as possible and then crumbled. I might add being in New Orleans and Louisiana did not help the protocal. It is like a cruise- diet BEFORE you go and after- just not during. So I am back to try a 23 day round- class reunion is coming and her I go. I start loading today.
I am glad I am loading on a Monday!
Missed ya'll and it has been a whirlwind but I'm back!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First time for everything

Well I had to break protocol I did not cheat my first round but this round is another story- I was at my in- laws (without my husband) and they did not cook much that was on protocol so I ate as clean as possible ( which I thought was horrible) Also I did not have my scale and missed a day of injections because we had to stay a day extra for the boys golf tournament( they did well!)
I was so afraid to even get on the scale- and low and behold the weight was exactly the same as when I left on Sunday- wow!
so I was back on track yesterday and this a.m. I weighed myself and I am down big 4 this morning!
Wooo- Hooooooooooo!
Since it is hot outside the water is really easy to drink this time- I am missing margaritas though!
oh well- I can drink them when I am skinny- that class reunion is fast approaching!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

R2 P2 VLCD #1

Well I am up way too much from loading so I am freaked out from the scale!
210.4 - yuk , yuk and yuk!
I was stabilized at 203 for the last few weeks so to gain that much in 3 days is annoying!
I mixed up my own round this time and I have to say I am proud I did- I have several new friends locally and my siser doing this round with me so it is exciting to see others feeling better.
My sister- Ashley is having a hard time though- she is doing sublingual and has celiac disease- so I am curious to see how she does since this is new territoy for me to see first hand.
She started on Monday and has been suer hungry since thursday so we went over what she is taking and doing- it seems her b12 had sorbitol and we think it is giving her the stall she had today and yesterday. She is remixing a new vial to take without the B12. The only thing is she says her knee joints are killing her. I was wondering if this is because her celiac or the sorbitol is canceling out her HCG so she is just chemically dealing with side effects?
Any help with knowledge of celiacs taking HCG would be great. I want her to be successful really bad= so help us out- please!
We are also wondering if some glucosimine would help her knees?
Excited to feel empty soon- I feel gross after loading and after weighing in- so I will keep ya'll posted! The stress level in the house has decreased so we will see!
Happy father's day to your significant others and fathers out there- and remember they can't be daddy's without fabulous women like all of ya'll!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Round 2 Start day today

Round 2 Start day : today- going to a wedding tonight so I figured it was a good start to be ready ato go after tonight!
Kids are taken care of and Mr. Fleur and I will have a fun night!
so excited to start I am ready for the empty feeling- so I will mix up and inject today-
Wish me luck - If you do not have a reunion or something to strive for- thean just join me and we can use my deadline and work together ya'll! By September- fit as a fiddle and another big drop hopefully!
I have got to figure out how to mix this round so I am off to surf the net!
Have a great one!
Love ya'll!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the road again

Not the road but on track for round 2
Iam sorry I ahve not written in forever! We have been filled with travel, stress, redefining our lives and celebrating summer!
I hope all is well in HCG blogger land. I have received my next shipment and I am depressed that they sent 2000 i. u. instead of the 5000 I ordered but I cannot wait- so I will see if I can combine the two vials to make 4000 i.u. who knows? Any ideas out there?
I will start thursday- since I need to mix and see what I can do with this shipment!
I have stabilized well from round 1
I will want to go 40 injections this round- it will be hard since I am heading to :Louisiana to see my family this summer- so I will eat the boiled seafood and not the fried- but I need to lose another big number by september since I have my 20 year high school reunion!
YIKES- I cannot look to fat so I am hoping for a good go of it this round!
I am looking forward to feeling empty again!
let me know how all of ya'll are doing!

Friday, May 21, 2010

stress at all time high

Hey gals- the stress level in our house is tremendous- last night I did turn to some chocolate cake- not too much I had the mini version of those microwaves cakes- it was 160 calories- so it was a moment of weakness but I did restrain some!
I cannot give details but I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix things- all the stress is beyond my control and has to go through a certain process - I will keep ya'll posted. I am excited to start in June on round 2- It is friday and pay day so - wooo hooo!
TGIF gals!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hump day

I am stabilizing well so I am really wanting the next round-! June 1st is when it will be!
Going to do some testing of students and finish packing up 2nd classroom I need to move- the first one is done and trying to unpack, teach, and test students it is crazy but interesting!
I had a hot dog last night- what was I thinking- I should have just had the glass of water I drank and moved on!
oh well- I will have to flush that sodium out with soem more water and fresh vegetables today!
Have a good wednesday!